Tote bag DEPRESSO NEEDS ESPRESSO handpainted



Happy Italian coffee shirt, even better, an Italian espresso shirt. How do you feel when there is no espresso? Depresso! Made in Italy.

Important! All our items are made to order, please realise that we have to create the item which takes time. If you need your item for a special occasion please let us know in time!

  • eco friendly canvas, handpainted
  • 100% cotton
  • 340 g/m²
  • cross stitches for extra strenght

38 x 42 cm (15 inch x 16.5 inch)
handles 70 cm (27.5 inch)

*Note: This “Italian Ciao” bag is a unique handpainted item, no two bags are the same. There will be natural small differences as the Artist replicates the theme.

Care and details:
Attention! This is a handpainted product! Hand-wash cold with mild soap, do not bleach, do not scrub the painted areas, drip dry and iron inside-out on medium-low temp.

NOTE:  The shipping costs are referred to the shipping of one or two bags/shirts. For shipment of multiple bags/shirts simply contact by mail and we will find the best shipping solution for you.



Happy Italian coffee shirt, even better, an Italian espresso shirt. How do you feel when there is no espresso? Depresso! Made in Italy. Tote bag DEPRESSO NEEDS ESPRESSO

Not so long ago, we decided to create happy looking original bags inspired by Italy, La Dolce Vita, good Italian food and the overall beauty of this little, gorgeous country we both love.

We started our research into textile wholesalers across Rome and surroundings, Mom and Pop Passamanerie shops (cute little venues crowded with gorgeous trimmings and ribbons) and distant family owned storehouses that smelled wonderfully of ancient fabrics and herbs from the nearby garden.

As we grew wiser and more creative we realized that many options were at our disposal. We first decided to create a more luxurious bag, the RIVA BLU. She was our first-born. We loved the fact that we found the expert local hands to sow together all the fine materials we found and chose. We absolutely loved it.

Next came the VACANZA ITALIANA bags, cheerful large high quality checkered canvas totes inspired by the cute little trattoria restaurant tablecloths we have always associated with Italy’s great food and leisure travel. We decided to decorate them with high quality fashion print silk patches and bands to embellish the happy-checkered canvas with exquisite bundles of spaghetti, schools of fishes, and rose-spangled mandolins… Pure Amore…

And finally, we chose to create a whole line of Eco-friendly SPIAGGIA bags recycled-cotton large shoppers with hand-painted decorations to please many different Italy-loving minded people. Each is completely unique, even if the same theme is re-painted on another bag.
We hope you will love them even a fraction of how much we enjoyed creating them… with Amore!

Lisa and Claudio