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Torno Subito shirt

T-shirt Torno Subito! Organic cotton t-shirt with a hand designed print. so handpainted first, with Amore, in Italy

A well-known existential  declaration on the doors of Italian stores…  ‘Be right back!’ (coffee has usually something to do with it)

T-shirt White. Available in 2 models, 2 prices: Organic cotton Tee, Premium boatneck.

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How we came to design t-hirts

We love good-looking t-shirts!!! And we love Italy… so, when visiting various Italian towns, it has always been a real challenge to find nice Italian-theme shirts in the many boutiques and souvenir shops that mostly sell tourist-junk made anywhere else but Italy!

From our first designs, to the latest, we absolutely loved it and hope you will too…

Have a great Italian Summer!

Claudio & Lisa

Organic cotton T-shirt: Unisex shirt 100% organic cotton
Premium boatneck shirt: 100% MODAL, relaxed fit. Modal is breathable and figure-flattering thanks to its draping qualities