T-shirt DOLCE FAR NIENTE black & gold


One of the most iconic phrases in the Italian language is  il dolce far niente,  “sweet doing nothing”.  A classic Italian concept of the importance of restful leisure, printed in gold over a premium Jersey organic cotton Tshirt.  We hope you enjoy il dolce far niente  as much as we do! (when we get a chance)


  •  Single Jersey Tshirt
  • 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton
  • XXS – XXL
  • Medium Fit
  • 140 g/m²

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T-shirt DOLCE FAR NIENTE  black & gold

  • Single Jersey Tshirt
  • 100% Organic ring-spun Combed Cotton,
  • XXS – XXL
  • Medium Fit
  • 140 g/m²
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How we came to design t-shirts

We love good-looking t-shirts!!! And we love Italy… so, when visiting various Italian towns, it has always been a real challenge to find nice Italian-theme shirts in the many boutiques and souvenir shops that mostly sell tourist-junk made anywhere else but Italy! That’s why we started to design and produce our own Italian Summers shirts: we wanted to be able to hold, feel and wear all of the beautiful tees we could imagine!

From our first designs, to the latest, we absolutely loved it and hope you will too…

Have a great Italian Summer!

Claudio & Lisa