Straw bag Tuscany handpainted – Mini square


Straw bag Tuscany handpainted

Inspired by  Tuscany and its sweet rolling hills. It features a band of gold colored canvas with a miniature Tuscan landscape painting,  framed by traditional Italian passamaneria trim. 

Straw bag Tuscany handpainted 100 percent  handmade and hand decorated bag  represents  the elegance and beauty of Italy. You’ve seen it here first!

  • Decorated with handpainted Tuscan landscape fine art miniature appliques
  • The straw bag is hand woven with mediterranean dwarf palm leaves
  • Features Italian black passamaneria trim fom family owned Italian stores
  • Size in cm H28 x W24 x D12cm approx
  • Size in inches H″ inch x ″ x W″ approx
  • Ecofriendly
  • Personalization option!  Have your own favorite Italian place, Positano, Capri, Tuscany, Como, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Sicily or your name painted on the Artwork.  Just let us know! Please contact us by mail for questions and possibilities
  • We work with wedding and event planners, please visit our Italian Weddings page.

Important! All our items are made to order, please realise that we have to create the item which takes time. If you need your item for a special occasion please let us know in time!

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Straw bag Tuscany handpainted landscape Mini square Dolce Italia

Straw bag Tuscany landscape! Decorated with handpainted appliques and black passamaneria from local Italian stores. As we paint the appliques ourselves we can customize the bag for you.  this will also make it a perfect welcome bag for Italian weddings! Made in Italy.

Made of  natural dwarf palm leaves, decorated with handpainted appliques and black passamaneria from local Italian stores. As we paint the appliques ourselves we can custize the bag for you.  Perfect welcome bags for Italy inspired weddings!

Fashion meets fine art

We chose our own stylish approach to straw. We simply fused age-old woven straw bags to refined Italian painting techniques to create the DOLCE ITALIA line. Mark our words: this is new, this is elegant.
Straw bag, straw basket, coffa, coffa Siciliana, Sicily bag,..there are many names for these straw bags. Completely overdecorated or natural.
Straw bags have been extremely popular, especially in the last few years. We even saw them on the catwalks of famous designers like Dolce & Gabbana. Richly embellished or just simply beautiful in their own natural way.

*Note: Each strawbag is a unique hand made and hand decorated item, no two bags are the same. There will be  natural small differences as the Artist replicates the theme. PLEASE READ additional information in the product description at the bottom of this page!

Additional information:

  • Our raw, unfinished straw bags are handmade by artisans in Morocco and Spain, this implies that each item is inspected personally by us before they are decorated and finished by us in Italy. Every piece is unique as there are no two alike.
  • Please keep in mind that these straw bags may have slight ‘blemishes’  as part of their organic nature, which really is their true charm.
  • The straw bags present a distinctive ‘overlap’ finishing braid on the top rim. This is part of the weaving technique.
  • As we pack and ship our bags in the best manner possible, some may arrive slightly out of shape. This is easy to fix. Simply spray the bag slightly with water in a spraybottle and reshape it gently as the fibres soften up.