Straw bag round SALUTI DA NAPOLI lemons


Straw bag round SALUTI DA NAPOLI lemons

This sunny, happy straw bag is a creation sure to bring a smile. Napoli has always been ‘the city of the sun’ for Italians. Laughter, music and imagination make up the profile of the most soulful warm-hearted people of the little boot-shaped country of Italy. And it’s lemons represent its sunshine!

  • Ecofriendly
  • The bag is hand woven with mediterranean dwarf palm leaves
  • Decorated with hand painted patches
  • Framed by red pon pon trim
  • Size in cm H43 x W45 approx.
  • Size in inches H17″ x W18″ approx.
  • Personalization option! Please contact us by mail for questions and possibilities

*Note: Each strawbag is a unique hand made and hand decorated item, no two bags are the same. There will be  natural small differences as the Artist replicates the theme. PLEASE READ additional information in the product description at the bottom of this page

NOTE: For shipping outside of the EU please contact us at and we will provide accurate shipping costs promptly.


Straw bag round SALUTI DA NAPOLI lemons

This straw bag is decorated with handpainted lemon patches. Let the sunshine into your vista mare soul-room… also, try a caraf of white wine with peaches like they serve at Adolfo’s in Positano! Just ask a Neapolitan tassista (taxi driver) 😉

To straw or not to straw? To straw! Of course… 

The  timeless charm of handwoven straw accessories and artifacts strikes deep chords in many of us. Possessing something beautiful, that human hands have crafted from natural raw plant-fibres, is not only refreshing in our consumer mass-machine-production era, it is endearingly enriching. The straw bag round SALUTI DA NAPOLI  by Italian Summers is a true work of beauty.  To know that such an item is a one-of-a-kind, unique and unrepeatable, is perhaps a true luxury beyond the fact that its relative price may be considered irrelevant, when compared to other purchaseables (which exist in the millions as they are stamped out industrially!).

Additional information:

  • Our raw, unfinished straw bags are handmade by artisans in Morocco and Spain, this implies that each item is inspected personally by us before they are decorated and finished by us in Italy. Every piece is unique as there are no two alike.
  • Please keep in mind that all of these straw bags may have their slight ‘blemishes’  as part of their organic nature, which really is their true charm.
  • The straw bags present a distinctive ‘overlap’ finishing braid on the top rim. This is part of the weaving technique.
  •  As we pack and ship our bags in the best manner possible, some may arrive slightly out of shape. This is easy to fix. Simply spray the bag slightly with water in a spraybottle and reshape it gently as the fibres soften up.