Italian Christmas mug I JUST WANT TO GO TO ITALY


Dear Santa I just want to go to Italy coffee mug! Your wish expressed on one of our special Christmas collection Italy inspired mugs and cups. You may just have found that special Christmas gift you were looking for!

Dishwasher and microwave save
Volume: 330 ml / 11 oz.

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Welcome to our 2019 Italian Christmas mug collection!

Italian Christmas mug I JUST WANT TO GO TO ITALY is just one of the designs we made dedicated to Italy, Italian lifestyle and Italian Christmas traditions. We only wanted to design one or 2 coffee mugs Italian style, but this was so much fun to do that now there are 16. 🙂

Welcome to our 2019 Italian Christmas coffee mug edition!

The collection features big coffee mugs and smaller cappuccino cups. All represent traditional Italian Christmas items with a funny twist here and there. Most of the mugs and cups show also an Italian quote or an Italian Christmas greeting. All Italian inspired cups make unique Christmas gifts for everyone who loves Italy, Italian lifestyle or old vintage Fiat 500’s.

Personalized Italian gifts

Some of the cups and mugs have a personalization option. Make sure you are in time for that Very Merry, Italian Christmas gift. Make it a December to remember!
Have a look at the collection! If you have any questions just write us a note at

All designs are copyrighted material.   All artwork by our in-house Artist Claudio Assandri and co-designed with Lisa van de Pol.

Technique: printe
Dishwasher and microwave save
Colour: porcelain white
Material: Ceramic
Height: 96 mm / 4″
Diameter: 82 mm / 3″
Volume: 330 ml / 11 oz.

We love creating new cute and smile-inducing mugs for you and your friends.  They make  great stocking-stuffers!

Italy-inspired mugs by Italian Summers

Would it not be nice to spend a Christmas in Italy once in a lifetime? Just feel the snowflakes on your face as you cross  a romantic bridge in Venezia, or climb the last stairs to that charming rented attic in Rome. Until then,  you can get this great original designer mug. It will inspire you and …  IT CAN BE PERSONALIZED!!!

For events or Italian gift baskets we can personalize this mug

Since we design ourselves, we can personalize the mug for you.
Contact us for your request. Important! The basic design will stay the same, but we can add a name(s) or location. The price of the personalization depends on the request. Just contact us here:

Italian Christmas mug I JUST WANT TO GO TO ITALYby Italian Summers

Italian Christmas mug I JUST WANT TO GO TO ITALYby Italian Summers