Handpainted plate La Dolce VESPA | La Dolce Vita collection


La Dolce Vita style! Think the fifties in Rome, Via Veneto, Marcello and Anita, the Trevi fountain. Paparazzi everywhere, Living La Dolce Vita and this Roman man waiting near his Vespa for…

LA DOLCE VESPA! Handpainted ceramic plate. Unique piece!  This stylish plate will be an eyecatcher on your wall or table!

  • Hand painted ceramic plate fired in a kiln at nearly 1000° celsius.
  • The plate is one of a kind original and signed by artist Claudio Assandri.
  • Diameter 35 cm/12 inch.
  • Our advice is to NOT put the plate in the microwave
  • Made in Italy, Rome

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