Lisa van de Pol

Italian Summers by Lisa

Lisa v. d. Pol, founder of Italian Summers, co-designer, external brain

Big sunglasses, big hats, Mediterranean style clothes, to travel light but being unable to, Cinquecentos, Vespas and Moto Apes, old wobbly tables with fish dishes and carafs full of wine  with peaches, little hidden bays, listening to the sound of the sea at night, always looking for that one, tiny, very special ristorante.  Loving long warm summer evenings…

Besides all this, Lisa has an addiction to scamorza affumicata, little bottles of Bitter Rosso and her camera… If you want to know more, just keep following Lisa’s Travel Notes and find out for yourself.

Like to see Italy through Lisa eyes? Just click here for her pics! 

Lisa van de Pol, Lisa Italian Summers