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Italian Christmas mug I JUST WANT TO GO TO ITALY by Italian Summers

Italian Christmas mugs for Italy lovers

When I was looking for special Italian themed Christmas mugs online I could not really find something that I liked. Just the usual mugs, a lot of them with the same old same old quotes. I missed something with some real Italian Christmas illustrations, that gave me the feeling of an Italian Christmas  atmosphere.  Something that I would like to give  to an Italy lover as myself. Working as designers and artist, we decided make our own Italian mugs with Italian Christmas themes and big smiles.

Christmas time in Italy, atmosphere like nowhere else

For many, Italy probably is not the most obvious name thinking about Christmas atmosphere and Christmas decorations, but you would be surprised! Having been in Italy during Christmas time  often, and in different parts of the country, gives tons of inspiration.

We started making the designs we love, totally Italian and in this case, Italian and Christmassy! Our inhouse artist Claudio Assandri had a hard time keeping up with all the ideas I came up with.

We brought together all the Italian images that we had seen during the festive season in Italy combined them with our rich fantasy and love towards the animal world to celebrate Christmas in our special way. “A mouse should wear a Christmas hat too!”

Italian mugs for Christmas that can be personalized! Make it special.

Christmas comes with special emotions, so we want to give special gifts.  What can make a present even more personal and unique than a personal message or a name?

That’s why we abolutely wanted to have a few mugs that have a dedicated “address” section where you can include a message or the name of that special someone. Together  with the Italian Christmas themed illustations, this makes these mugs a unique gift.

However, more or less ALL of our Italian christmas mugs can have a small personal writing like a name, location or a monogram… just ask us!
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Be sure to order in time for personalized Christmas mugs

If you want to give a personalized mug with your own text for Christmas be sure to order in time. We should be able to ship within 3-5 working days but keep in mind that the period before Christmas is busy and shipping times can increase.

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