I just need to go to Italy! The peperoncino bag!

I DON'T NEED THERAPY, I JUST NEED TO GO TO ITALY shopper/beach bag by Italian Summers

I just need to go to Italy!  Peperoncino therapy..

Exactly,  I just need to go to Italy, but let’s start with the bag.  This version of our I don’t need therapy bag features happy Peperoncinos,  hot Italian chili peppers. The sunny lemons that decorated our other version  have turned into a spicy staple of Italian cooking: peperoncini have always symbolized good flavour, good health and good luck to Italians.

Peperoncinos, Good Health and Good Luck

When you will finally begin your personal therapy, in Italian villages you will see garlands of hot Peperoncini hanging out to dry under the patios in the warm season. They spice-up delicious meals all through the fall and winter until the next crop ripens. Associated with Good Health and Good Luck, Peperoncinos bring good cheer and Italianness. I just need to go to Italy

Harvests bloom under the Italian sun

At the end of summer, when the weather is still mild, Italians harvest their tomatos, grapes, and peperoncinos (chili peppers in English). In the little towns and fishing villages happy garlands of peperoncinos are strung up to dry, to be used in all the delicious recepies until the next harvest blossoms under the Italian sun. I just need to go to Italy

A basket full of peperoncini

One day while walking on the island of Stromboli in Sicily, I met our neighbour, la Signora Pina, as she was coming back from the garden with a gorgeous basket full of peperoncini. The spicey fruits glistened in the sun. I asked: “How pretty, What are you going to do with these?” She answered “Oh, I’ll just string them up and let them dry in the patio.” To that I said: “Let me help you!” and with some thick cotton thread and big needles I helped Pina to make many beautiful garlands of fire-red  peperoncinos and took some home too.  I just need to go to Italy

Funny facts about peperoncinos, Italian chili peppers:

  1. Peperoncinos came to Italy from the new world in the 1500’s, along with bellpeppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and corn
  2. Peperoncinos became an essential part of Italian spicey cooking
  3. Peperoncinos eventually became associated with good luck! Italians are super-supersticious! I just need to go to Italy
  4. Furthermore, the firey zest of peperoncinos was believed to ward off evil influences and sickness.
  5. Peperoncinos  are said to be Italian Viagra

When you travel in Italy and make friends with the locals in the small villages, chances are that you’ll be invited a glass of vino under an olive tree in a olivegrove, and looking up under the patio you’ll see the happy peperoncino garlands. I just need to go to Italy