The creating of our ceramic plates step by step!

Promiss, it’s not boring!

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Italian Summers ceramic plates, by Artist Claudio Assandri | it all starts with the designs | the making of Italian Summers ceramic plates

Glazing technique the Assandri way


Most of the time we buy our plates in a terra cotta colour. Then the plate needs a colour, there are several ways, dipping in a bath or using a compressor. Claudio has his own special way, he likes to blow the layer on the plate with his mouth.

The making of the Italian summers ceramic plates, idea by Lisa van de Pol, artwork by Claudio Assandri | the plates waiting for the oven or kiln

It’s like a good wine, it realy takes time


Did you know that our plates have to be in a kiln (oven) for 24 hours at a temperature over 1000° Celcius? And after that they have to cool down in a natural way to avoid a temperature chock? After that,..tadaaaa! Italian Summers on a ceramic plate!

Mamma mia, ma che bello! Guarda!

 Italian Summers, Italian design,  T-shirtss, ceramics and artworks

Italian Summers  Design is a creative line of which “the paint is still wet!” It’s new, refreshing and different. The collection consists of original artworks and design/decorating T-shirts and ceramics with an eyewink to Italian life.

All Artwork is created by Roman Artist Claudio Assandri and the ideas  for the designs come from Lisa van de Pol.

Wondering how the making of the plates goes?

All Italian Summers ceramics are unique and are all painted by hand before being fired in a kiln at 1000°. There will never be two identical ones.
Look here how does the process of making plates is going