I don’t need therapy, I just need to go to Italy!


I don't need therapy, I just need to go to Italy bag by Italian Summers

The Italian Summers collection is a passionate celebration of the beauty of Italy

Our collection is about everything we would wish for during our Summers in Italy. Driving around in a Cinquecento, discover Tuscany on an old Vespa, sipping Martini’s from behind huge shades on the Amalfi Coast, boating around Capri in a Riva Aquamarina,…you name it! You will find!  La Dolce Vita and Italian lifestyle inspired creations,…  Italy influences fashion,design and lifestyle and we love it! Made in Italy! In our own way!

 Read also our colums Lisa’s Travel Notes and Claudio’s Italy.

Join us on our artistics  Italian travels, be inspired and surprised!

Wear the beauty of Italy near your heart. How? It’s easy! Just wear our T-shirts!

The Italian Summers t-shirt collection is a part of our own concept. All the t-shirts are decorated with  unique designs and are a statement  for your love for Italy. Our shirts live an Italian life and are decorated with pane, pizza and amore, lot’s of Italian seaside scenery, femenin touches like big sunglasses en big hats (my fault, Lisa) and Italian slogans.

The designs on the t-shirts are all first hand-drawn sketches by artist Claudio Assandri.  The shirts are a dream to wear, they are so soft you won’t even feel them, 100% organic cotton or modal

Shop  the shirts here!

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Italian Summers printed T-shirts, fun Italian inspired t-shirts, designed by Italian Summers

Lisa van de Pol Photography | Italian Summers by Lisa | Italian travel photo's by Lisa van de Pol founder of Italian Summers

Lisa’s Italian Summers in photo’s

Italian Summers,….for Lisa this words have a kind of magical meaning. When she thinks about her Italian Summers there s so much to tell, and… also so much things better not to tell! Thousends of photo’s she took during al her travels through Italy filled with beautiful memories, passion and emotion.

Italy became that ever returning subject of conversation and people started avoiding her,…so why not share her passion with you!  Lisa loves Italy but has a weak spot for the South of Italy, little coves by the sea, and Islands. Enjoy!

Italian Summers Design was born on a kitchentable in Rome!

Italian Summers loves Italy, Italian food and vino’s! Italian Summers Design was born on a kitchen table, where else,.. in Rome from the creative brains of Claudio Assandri and Lisa van de Pol.


Italian Summers Design Lifestyle, Italian shirts, original Italian ceramic and more by Lisa van de Pol and Claudio Assandri