Walking Rome by Roman Artist Claudio Assandri

Discover Rome through the eyes of Roman Artist Claudio Assandri

Claudio, born and raised in Rome, loves his city! Every day he looks at the beauty of Rome with fresh eyes and still discovers new secrets Rome didn’t show him before.

He is a walking source of information about everything that is related to Rome, both past and present. He can tell you all about the history of Rome and has extensive expertise of Ancient Rome, Rome Colosseum, Rome Forum Romanum and Classic Rome.

But it would be so boring,…wouldn’t it,..to hear everthing, all the others are allready talking about? No,…let’s do something different! Claudio will give you his own view of Rome accompanied by his own photo’s.

Claudio Assandri is a passionate Artist from the heart of Rome. Painter, sculptor, illustrator, designer and photographer, as well as a researcher and writer. And of course the creator of all the Italian Summers designs for our shirts, bags and ceramics

Walking Rome with Artist Claudio Assandri

View over Rome

It was a cold november afternoon at sunset, Rome slowly nesteld in to its autumn slumber…

Perched on the Vittorio Emanuele Monument a royal seagull dominates the Imperial Forum. Behind him, the Column of Trajan and the Domes of Santa Maria di Loreto (on the left) and of the Santissimo Nome di Maria churches (on the right).

Photo and text by ©Claudio Assandri

Walking Wome by Claudio Assandri, Trevi fountain, Basilica di San Silverstro

Basilica di San Silverstro near the Trevi Fountain, Rome

A bit of plaster and gold leaf…

Like in most churches in Rome, one can find treasures of Art even by glancing up at a mere corner. This paleochristian basilica is full of wonders.

Claudio Assandri