My stay in Rome. In need for some Italian Therapy!

Pantheon. Apartment for rent in Rome. Casa Cuore di Roma. Photo by Lisa van de Pol

Sometimes things cross your path you never expected and suddenly things seem to fall into place.  This happened to me in Rome, …although I did not expected this to be with a broom in my hands  🙂

Pantheon, Rome, Italy. Italian Therapy. © Photo by Lisa van de Pol
Rome, special dinners. Rome, Italy. Italian Therapy © Photo Lisa van de Pol
Pantheon. Rome, Italy. Apartment for rent in Rome. Italian Therapy | © Photo by Lisa van de Pol

In need of some Italian therapy

In early September, I just wanted to go Italy, wanted a get away. Alone! I needed new inspiration and a different environment. I needed some Italian therapy! I figured out that I wanted to go to Rome  for several days and from there I would see where I would go, ….somewhere to the South of Italy, but had no idea yet where exactly. I would go where the wind blow me.

View on the Pantheon

I jumped, actually without too many expectations, on a plane to Rome.  My last minute booked B&B had the best location ever,….when I walked out of the courtyard I had the Pantheon right in front of me! What a great spot! I had some wonderful days in Rome,  I visited old friends and made new friends, and saw Rome with a complete fresh perspective!

Campo de Fiori, Rome. Appartement in Rome, Casa Cuore di Roma. Foto by © Lisa van de Pol
Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy | Photo © Lisa van de Pol
Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy. Photo © Lisa van de Pol

Spanisch Steps revisited

Where 17 years ago I was so excited to be on the Spanish Steps, one of the places to be, now I didn’t know how fast I had to go away from it  (after I had been in a few of my favorite shops of course) ,.. it was sooo busy, I stumbled over smelly people  and selfiesticks were in my face everywhere. Years ago  the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti  were the on top of my list! All the must-do’s I had seen 17 years ago. The last time I had seen Rome was,… what?,… about 17 years ago? How, why and when did this happen?…17 years!!! All this years I went to Italy several times a year, but why not to Rome I ask myself while I slipped into the cutest little streets…

Doing my paparazzo thing

Now, I visited the small secluded alleys, looked around corners  where nobody went and sneeked into forbidden courtyards. I looked for little mom and pap shops and I let the world pass by from little terraces in different neighborhoods.  My camera always gave me company. I was doing my paparazzo thing. I love to walk around and listen to the noises, smell the profumos, soak up the atmosphere and try to catch that in a photo!  It was a beautiful, a surprising  renewed acquaintance with Rome.

Vespa in Rome, Italian Streetlife, © photo by Lisa van de Pol
Near Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy | Italian Streetlife ©Photo by Lisa van de Pol

From Rome down to the South of Italy

I had booked the B&B for a several days and then I would move on to the South of Italy. No sooner said than done. I took a train to the South of Italy (my weak spot) but I knew, from the moment I left Rome, that I would come back soon after my trip to the South. Enjoy Rome a litlle bit more! I was not ready yet.  What I didn’t know was that Rome had some nice surprises for me in store.

Campo di Fiori, Rome, Italy | @ Photo Lisa van de Pol
Roman colors. Rome, Italy © Foto by Lisa van de Pol
Near Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy |© Photo by Lisa van de Pol

Destination Ischia and Procida Island

I decided to go to Ischia and Procida. Two Islands in the Bay of Naples … .both Islands  I know very well and Ischia feels to me like a second home. I took the boat from Napoli and enjoyed the boatride to Ischia. Ischia is Southern temperament, great seafood and very relaxed. You pick up on the Island rhythm in no time. After three days of sun, refreshing seawind and boattrips I went back to Rome. I always feel sad when I leave Ischia, but now I went back to new adventures in Rome, this made the departure a bit easier.

So back to Rome, read what happened there (coming soon)

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