Hotel Signum | Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Charismatic and relaxed Hotel Signum has stolen my heart with its beautiful location on landscaped terraces covered with scented gardens, Jasmine, honeysuckle and bougainvillea all over the place.  The atmospheric restaurant with excellent regional cuisine has views over Stromboli and Panarea. The infinity pool is around the corner of your room.

Salina, Hotel Signum, Solana, photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina, Hotel signum, bedroom, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina, Hotel Signum, room terrace, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers

Hidden paradise at the end of a norrow path

There is just a little sign on the street, Signum. A narrow path overgrown with fragrant plants and flowers leads you to the informal reception aera, which looks beautiful with antique armoires and fine books. You end up outside at the Signum restaurant which is covered in the shade and where little wooden tables are awaiting you, with views all over the place.

Originally an old country hamlet

With the layout of the hotel Signum they have really maintained as much as possible the original construction of the hotel, a number of different buildings which were once normal houses in the village of Malfa, kind of an old country hamlet surrounded by greenery.

Surprices around every corner

There’s no “hotel atmosphere” at all. This is what I absolutely like about Signum. The rooms are dotted all over the grounds in many hidden places. In the gardens, near the pool or above the main building, which gives the hotel an playful sensation.

Salina, Hotel Signum, stairs, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina, Hotel signum, tiles, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina, Hotel signum, terrace stairs, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers

Rooms named after plants

The rooms are all individually decorated and lends support to the entire look of Hotel Signum. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the rooms are simple but attractively furnished with a combination of antique furniture and designer objects and Mediterranean decorations.

Your own little private terrace

Most of the rooms have a their own little private terrace, yes, even with those gorgeous benches with beautiful  old ceramic tiles at the top. Just adore this old tiles!  Tipical of the Aeolian. Rooms on the first floor have their own balcony, or big or small, depending on the roomtype.

A gentle breeze

When a soft wind is blowing, the light curtain that hangs in front of your entrance, will move in and out of your room every time there is a gentle breeze. From your terrace or balcony you can enjoy the sea views or the view on the lush gardens.

Salina, Hotel signum, pool with view, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers

Infinity pool with a view on Stromboli

Did I tell you about the infinity pool?! Oh yes, a lovely pool with sea views and Stromboli in sight. Me, myself and I love to sit in the shadow area near the pool where they have all kinds of beautiful books and magazines and where I can watch te people from behind my oversized sunglases.

Wining and dining at Signum restaurant

At the shaded dining terrace you can enjoy your al fresco lunch and dinner, traditional Aeolian dishes, prepared by chef Michele Caruso and his staf. Even if you had agreed with yourself to have dinner in another restaurant on Salina,….forget it. Like me, you probably, can’t resist the food and the ambiance.

Hotel Signum, Salina, wining and dining, Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers

Relax on the terrace

Before and after dinner, you can relax on the terrace with a little sip of wine. Especially before dinner I think you enjoy par excellence, in anticipation of the delicious meal that awaits you. I know I did!!!

From your table to your bed

The atmosphere and the food is so sublime that you actually don’t want to go anywhere else here, in addition, is it not perfect that you can roll from the table straight away in your bed?

Salina, Hotel signum, room wiew, Phot by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina Hotel signum Panarea en Stromboli Photo by Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers
Salina, Hotel Signum, best room ever, Photo Lisa van de Pol, Italian Summers

Hotel Signum, Localita Malfa, Aeolian Islands, Sicily  +39 090 984 4222

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