Primavera Italiana – Springtime in Italy

Primavera Italiana Springtime in Italy by Italian Summers

As winter finally sputters out, Italy starts warming with softer mediterranean breezes as a thousand varieties of flowers peep out of the luscious grass of its hills and fields. Everywhere in the little country villages and seaside towns wooden green shutters are opened and fresh laundry blooms colorful against the terra-cotta colored buildings. The smell of orange blossoms wafts softly, … Read More

Walking Rome with Claudio Assandri, Piazza Navona from another angle

Walking Rome with Claudio Assandri, Piazza Navona, Rome by Claudio Assandri at Italian Summers
Walking Rome with Claudio Assandri, our Artist who creates our shirt/bag designs, and does some serious sculpting and painting too. He knows Rome as  few do. Very few, you have no idea! So, if one goes for walks, the best way to see Rome is by foot in the company of the son of a famous Archaeologist and a great ... Read More

I just need to go to Italy! The peperoncino bag!

I DON'T NEED THERAPY, I JUST NEED TO GO TO ITALY shopper/beach bag by Italian Summers
I just need to go to Italy!  Peperoncino therapy.. Exactly,  I just need to go to Italy, but let's start with the bag.  This version of our I don't need therapy bag features happy Peperoncinos,  hot Italian chili peppers. The sunny lemons that decorated our other version  have turned into a spicy staple of Italian cooking: peperoncini have always symbolized good flavour, good health and ... Read More


I DON'T NEED THERAPY, I JUST NEED TO GO TO ITALY Shopper tote bag by Italian Summers
Behind every catchy phrase acute enough to be remembered, funny enough to cause good humor and witty enough to decorate our garments and accessories, hides a great truth! Case in point is the famous: “I DON’T NEED THERAPY, I JUST NEED TO GO TO ITALY”. Dr. Mediterranean The disarming reality is that many of us, sometimes, feel we really need ... Read More

Italian Summers t-shirts on the blog of Ciao Tutti

Just take me to Italy . Shirts with fun Italian prints by Italian Summers
Sometimes you need a kick in your culo,..Ciao tutti worked very well for me! Italian Summers came out off the closet for the first very first time with out t-shirt and ceramic collection! I was so exited but also had some sleepless nights finishing the website, webshop and realised,'s never really finished... By Lisa van de Pol Amore for Italy ... Read More

My stay in Rome. In need for some Italian Therapy!

Pantheon. Apartment for rent in Rome. Casa Cuore di Roma. Photo by Lisa van de Pol
Sometimes things cross your path you never expected and suddenly things seem to fall into place.  This happened to me in Rome, ...although I did not expected this to be with a broom in my hands  :-) In need of some Italian therapy In early September, I just wanted to go Italy, wanted a get away. Alone! I needed new ... Read More

Two days at Lago di Como

My favorite places on Lake Como. Cernobbio for genuine glamorous feel. Bellagio for its magnificent views from one of the most gorgeous terraces in perfect pink. Varenna because it's such a lovely authentic village.  Torno  since you can eat the best food from Lago di Como directly above the lake with stunning views of the other side of Lake Como. ... Read More

Hotel Girasole | Panarea Island, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Panarea Island, blue shutters, photo by Lisa van de Pol
Somewhere discrete, in a narrow street between Panarea port and the fine sandy beach, Cala Zimmari, you'll find the small, colorful family hotel Girasole. The hotel, with whitewashed walls, blue shutters and blue stairs, is the perfect location if you want to stay near the beach, enjoy peaceful tranquility with views on the deep blue see but also want to ... Read More

Hotel Villa Antonio | Ischia Ponte, Ischia Island, Bay of Naples

When you walk along the narrow path that leads you to the Hotel Villa Antonio you pass by the landing stage of the little taxi boats and you meet old fishermen, sitting on wooden wobbley chairs, repairing their nets. This perfectly reflects the atmosphere of where you are located. Hotel Villa Antonio, fall asleep with the sound of the see ... Read More

Hotel Signum | Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Charismatic and relaxed Hotel Signum has stolen my heart with its beautiful location on landscaped terraces covered with scented gardens, Jasmine, honeysuckle and bougainvillea all over the place.  The atmospheric restaurant with excellent regional cuisine has views over Stromboli and Panarea. The infinity pool is around the corner of your room. Hidden paradise at the end of a norrow path ... Read More