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Welcome to your home in Rome!

The house that we like to call The Happy House because one can feel the positive energy when you enter apartment. The apartment is located in the heart of Rome just a few steps from the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Monti district lies at your feet. Casa Cuore di Roma is quiet and welcoming, and is the perfect place to create  your own unforgettable Roman Holiday!

The interior of  your apartement in Rome

The apartment has original, authentic wooden beams ceilings with ceramic tiles.  The large livingroom is elegantly,  furnished with genuine antique furniture and features a complete kitchenette. Also in the room is a working fireplace. The floors of the apartment are made of high quality hardwood parquet.  A wooden stairway takes you to the rooftop terrace. Airco and heating are both present.

Your home in Rome

In the bedroom you will find a double bed with authentic wooden posts that in the past were used to support curtains. There is a separate shower room with a sink and a separate room for toilet and of course as we are used to in Italy, a delightfully fresh bidet! The apartment is approximately 55m2.

Happy kitchenette, happy meals!!!

The kitchenette is  located inside an antique, wooden cabinet and it features a sink, a four-burner gas stove  and a miniature fridge. Cheerful and small, the kitchenette is fully fuctional for the making of many Italian meals, which are enjoyed at the antique wooden table or on the terrace.  As in most Italian homes the kitchen is the heart of the home. So when you are here do as the Romans do and enjoy delicious Italian meals, or of course, there are lots of great restaurants where you can eat, but sometimes it’s fun to prepare your own meal.

White wine with peaches

What do you think of this delicious wine with peaches? Mainly known in the South of Italy. You do not know what you taste, a delicious drink for long summer evenings at the cute terrace!

Create your own Roman Holyday with us and invest in beautiful memories!

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Features in the casa!

At Casa Cuore di Roma you will find the following items: gas cooker, washing machine, refrigerator with freezer compartment, air conditioning, autonomous heating, drying rack, cutlery and all the essentials for the kitchen (See the pictures) Beddings and towels are provided as well. We have Wifi!